Introducing Grapefruit Radler 通过 California-Based 屋 啤酒

屋 Grapefruit Radler

Venice California-based beer company 屋 啤酒 has just launched a brand new beer with Venice Beach skateboarding legend Craig Stecyk, the 屋 Grapefruit Radler.

现在可以在卡利(Cali)在线交付,这种罐子的灵感来自洛杉矶的创意文化。它是一种掺有新鲜葡萄柚汁的高脂啤酒,具有清淡,均衡和解渴的配方,非常适合饮用! Stecyk创建了罐头设计,将其与os Los Angeles的创意根源联系在一起。现在以6包装出售。

屋’s Premium Crafted Lager is a pale lager, light-bodied, and balanced. The company uses only premium ingredients and adhere to traditional lagering techniques. 屋 is an all grain beer. A sessionable craft Lager with more flavor and hop character than a domestic beer. It is available online in 6pk can and 12pk can formats.

For more info, visit the official 屋 啤酒 website 这里.